On War Dreamer

On a free Friday night and request to Nathan Repasz for how to fill it, I received a coupon code and tip to stop by War Dreamer at Wild Project. The beauty of this place is when your friend have friends doing shows in your neighborhood.

I have stopped by Wild Project before, when 3rd Street became my 2020 hideaway for a quiet indoor beers (Book Club) and art parties at thrift shops (3rd & B’zaar). Wild Project wasn’t reopened yet but they threw a few block parties and had a gallery show in thr lobby of squirrels.

I think it is part of the scene including The Kraine and the New York Neos, Infinite Wrench, La MaMa, and maybe the old UCB? I know little about theater and the theater I kmow is so specifically atypical.

This was probably the first play I’ve ever seen to slurry together live speech and effects in a way that doesn’t sound like the sound effects cue is its own accidental character.

Me, via text: Is he live patching on a euromixer??

Nate, via Voice Message: Yeah, he’s got a whole eurorack setup. These people—if you’re not aware of their show Spaceman, I encourage you to look it up.

It got a lot of press because of crazy accident that happened on opening night. But no: Steven & Erin (a.k.a. Loading Dock Theater): they make amazing work.

100% agree: technical excellence in lighting, sound, and set design—plus a custom RGB-outfitted barcode scanner prop—in a sub-100-seat East Village theater.

Yet odd and off and bordering on horror, which I don’t think I’ve ever felt in something non-immersive.