Internet Mysteries

A living collection of strange or unsolved things I've found on the web

My favorite Cosmicomics character, notably from The Distance of the Moon. Must figure out what this is/was/will be.

Discovered when I had the urge to buy the domain, but glad I don’t have to now.

I found this in November 2022 wondering if anyone'd bought the domain

Apparently it’s a programming challenge, likely recruitment tool for Google?

Many seem to have found it via a google search easter egg.

Likely the challenge is figuring out how to log in:

Update: maybe not; looks like you actually do get invited into something, and those forum folks had some bug. Recruitment tool confirmed though.

Devine Lu Linvega, I presume, but I cannot decode mdlolcoucou. Their adorably French laughter in the face of Markdown, from Pino's bow?